MassLive: Life is good as GreatHorse turns 3

By Russ Held, Special to The Republican

HAMPDEN - Life is just ... great at GreatHorse these days.

The private club on Wilbraham Road opens for a third season this month with a healthy membership and an impressive list of additions and refinements to its 232-acre property.

"We're feeling really good,'' club president Guy Antonacci said. "Our membership is at 250 after two years and if you had told me that the first year, I would have taken that all day long.

"And we don't know what a good number is, whether it's 350 or 600. When it feels full, we'll know. The last thing we want is to have people wait to eat dinner here or have to make a tee time. We'll know.''

Antonacci, part of the Somers, Conn., family ownership group, also knows that the accolades and awe of the mountain-side property are second to none in the region.